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Really please stop trying to invalidate words like transmisogyny and misogynoir because your shitty feminism erases the specific ways that certain groups experience misogyny due to their various intersections.

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Is it Activism or not?

There a many times I see Issues beyond my countries borders that make my heart sink for the victims and it always makes me feel helpless that I can only do so much, especially in terms of politics and age old issues that I and outsider would be arrogant to put myself into. But then I look at issues that directly affect me, those in my area, and those in the country of my parents. Many times I’ve been told that my views, my voice would be better heard off the internet, that spreading the word to millions of people I don’t know is pointless and not real activism or awareness. The internet has granted us such an array of massive, and instant, communication as it has changed the way we speak to each other. So naturally it has become an outlet for those who formally hard a hard time having a voice. 

Were it not for social media like Blogspot, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and all their relations many people with similar ideas, views, and beliefs would probably have never been influenced, met the people they have, or even be aware of to make of what’s going on in the world around. Let alone knowing you are not alone in the matter. Those few of you who probably pass by my blog know that I am very anti-racist, hold strong womanist (Black feminist) views, have a very liberated with sexual topics, and don’t tolerate anti-LGBTQA issues. Through years of coming out of H.S. it was very much an uphill battle of figuring out who I am (and I’m still learning but I’ve come far), learning and dealing with the racist, sexist, and intraracist world that so threatened to crush me. Sometimes dealing with the fact that the people closest to you either don’t understand, see no issues, or flat out don’t care can make one feel disgruntled to say the least. A long time friend of mine, though we don’t always see eye to eye, said me “You have such strong ideals but you don’t do enough with it, the blogging, it doesn’t do enough for those who are out there living.” While I have made my contributions physically I know this kind of thing……never has an ending if that makes sense. There will always be injustice out there. Even before they brought it up I’ve always thought about it “Am I really doing anything?”. I look at some of the people I’ve looked up to see myself, not everyone is an activist and not everyone an be. I see no fame nor glory but I want to be the change I want to see. I don’t think I’ll ever be that person who just happened to be doing the right thing at the right time as I see those who inspire me. 

I look at social media that has brought a sense of togetherness that helped me deal with prejudice I am facing in on campus, or work, the many times I’d face misogynistic encounters or harassment, and how they affect me depending what comment came from White man, Black man, or other Men of Color. Dealing with offensive bottom feeders that threatened the well being of those I care about be they gay, queer, trans, asexual, and disabled. Beauty standards and how I dealt growing up as a fat kid with congenital scoliosis, when my own countries leaders rather have a child born but not taken care of. Even my passions such as literature have a long standing stature of prejudice towards many of us despite peddling the worst stories I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading, and my goals of being apart of change that is literary publishing. All of that, I’ve been able to talk to, view, and relate to through the means of the internet and social media. Many movements and awareness of issues have been made known through outlets such at these. Through bloggers who’ve put their time and dedication into writing. I thank them all.

Maybe I’m letting their words get to me, or maybe I’m really not doing enough…..I still haven’t found the answer. I do think that out there, within the public there is definitely a need for a voice but the need for internet social justice is very much needed as well. I dunno, these are the thoughts I keep in the back of my head until I have important to do. Whatever course I take, I know I’ll keep fighting some way.

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 Alexander Dominguez

64,000 That’s how many black women are currently missing in America — but the media doesn’t seem to care (via micdotcom)

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